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AKO Webmail is the Army Official Email

ako webmailWelcome to AKO is the Army Knowledge Online web site training destination for the U.S. military army division. If you are looking for the online email service for AKO or the ako help desk then you need to go to the site that has the mail service for the army knowledge online. Now it would be very interesting to see how many total users there are of this service. Does it compare by any means with other free email service providers such as yahoo or hotmail or gmail?

How to Use It

Of course it is the army portal. It is hoped that the email search function is easy to find and easy to use. One thing that I don’t like about web based mail is that it usually doesn’t allow you to right click and open in a new tab or a new window so that you can read one email without losing your inbox. If you need assistance you should go check the ako help desk. What you want to make sure you can do is set up any mail settings to make it fast and easy to use the army knowledge online email so you don’t have to ask ako help desk for support.

The AKO or American knowledge online is the military’s official intranet that is used to provide connection to soldiers and the department of army civilians (DA) through its webmail. The AKO was developed in 2004 during the Iraq war.

Through the ako, military personnel are able to blog, store files and send and receive sensitive messages through the ako provided email. All army personnel, once enlisted, are required to sign up for an ako account. Those also eligible for the account include all active military personnel, military reserves, the National Guard, retired military personnel, department of defense personnel and military civilian contractors. All these roles can take advantage of ako webmail and its many features.

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